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Best PS4 Deals

The Playstation 4 has just released and I’m sure you’ll come to find there are many options to choose from when selecting a Playstation 4 bundle package. Your options include the following:

Which bundle will you choose? It’s hard to say which one of these will be the right option to buy. It all depends on what you enjoy most when it comes down to it but for your sake I’ll attempt at breaking down the benefits of each package. The decision, however, is all yours.

The Playstation 4 Standard Edition

The standard edition is the most basic package out of all of them. According to Sony the Playstation 4 will come with:

        • The Playstation 4 System
        • Wireless Dualshock Controller
        • Mono Headset
        • AC Power Cord
        • HDMI Cable
        • USB cable

The above contents will come with every package listed above and is the basic guideline when looking at the inside-the-box components.


The Playstation 4 Watchdogs Launch Edition

Watchdogs is the highest-anticipated game to release with the PS4. From what I’ve been reading this will be the most popular package to buy by far and will include a copy of “Watch Dogs” as well as the basic components of the Playstation 4. I would highly recommend giving this bundle package a shot.


The Playstation 4 Battlefield 4 Launch Edition

If you enjoy the Battlefield series like I do then you might want to consider this option. Another highly-anticipated game to release with the Playstation 4, Battlefield 4 will raise the bar to a whole new level for the Battlefield series. If you don’t buy the package, at least buy the game separately.


The Playstation 4 Knack Launch Edition

The Playstation 4 Knack Launch Edition will include the all new Knack game for the PS4. One of Sony’s first announced games will be a hit for sure. From what I’ve seen the company takes pride in this game and with this much work and development put into a game I would expect great things.


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